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How FreedomFiler invented the self-purging filing system, eliminating paper clutter and the need for record retention schedules.Filing system and paper organization products from FreedomFiler help you file paper easily!Our free learning center shows you how-to file paper and set-up a filing system free of paper clutter.Sign in for discounts on orders, shipment tracking, and account balances.Get support for home filing and business filing, or download templates for printing filing categories.
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I love the Freedom Filer. It is an invaluable resource both to my clients, and to other Professional Organizers that I work with. The FreedomFiler makes filing easy, intuitive, and fun. It is not an exaggeration to say that the FreedomFiler has positively changed the lives of clients and workshop attendees that use the system. They now have a smart and effective way to file their papers, a solution for document retention, and the freedom from spending lots of time maintaining their files. The Freedom Filer is easy to customize so I can use it with all sorts of clients. The support Freedom Filer provides is great as well. I can recommend this product with out hesitation. I'm passionate about it because it works!
—Debbie Rosemont,
Professional Organizer and Consultant,
Sammamish WA

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Kathi Burns Mail Sorting Tips

Nearly all the paper that comes into our life arrives though the mail. Effective mail sorting techniques will prevent unwanted paper build-up.


Kathi Burns says clear paper clutter, get on top of your muck
Kathi Burns on Mastering Your Muck
FreedomFiler Certified Consultant Kathi Burns explains why less is not only better, it's essential to clear thinking. Kathi Burns is a Board Certified Professional Organizer and a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers.
  Carol Stephen takes stock of Joe's shower filing system
Carol Stephen Takes Stock of Joe's Shower Filing System (BEFORE)
Ever had a paper filing emergency? Professional organizer Carol Stephen brings light-hearted humor to our worst filing disasters. Remember the way we all used to keep files before FreedomFiler's self-purging filing system?
  Carol Stephen shows home filing system makeover for Joe
Carol Stephen's Filing Makeover For Joe (AFTER)
How many of us can relate to Joe's "Avoid and Ignore" or "Born to Be Landfill" files? In this short video Carol shows how simple filing can be, and how easily FreedomFiler can be set up for any one person’s specific needs.
  Klara Carames shows how a professional organizer works
Klara Carames Eliminates Clutter
Clutter can feel overwhelming. Working with the right professional organizer can make all the difference. Watch Klara Carames take off her jacket and transform Heather Weston's apartment.
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