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How FreedomFiler invented the self-purging filing system, eliminating paper clutter and the need for record retention schedules.Filing system and paper organization products from FreedomFiler help you file paper easily!Our free learning center shows you how-to file paper and set-up a filing system free of paper clutter.Sign in for discounts on orders, shipment tracking, and account balances.Get support for home filing and business filing, or download templates for printing filing categories.
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My client today was ecstatic with the system - she wanted to come down to San Diego and meet & thank you in person also wanted to know why it wasn't available in shops for everyone to purchase. She had previously had an organizer who installed a 'ready-made' system and I saw how well that was working - there was hardly anything in the files as a book had to be used to 'cross reference'. Due to her previous bad experience, I was a little dubious as to how she would take to another 'ready-made' system. I'd set up the system that I bought at our Conference as a demo and took it along with me today and slowly explained how it works (and she has a LOT of bills to pay every month - so throwing all of them together appealed!). When I asked whether she'd like to set it up and that we could use the system that I brought along - her reaction was of utter excitement. By the time I left - she was independently picking up papers asking herself the questions needed to determine where it should be filed, and understood the concept of odd/even years and the two identical reference files. The system really is empowering for individuals who've been mystified by filing - it has a simple but logical brilliance to it. Thank you for all your work put into this. I'm now just as excited as my client as I've seen the difference it's going to make for her & her family.
—Sherree Hellinger,
NAPO SF President,
Morgan Hill CA

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