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How do I organize client files?

Client files can be kept inside individual folders labeled with FreedomFiler's tan "CONTACT" tabs, currently only available when you order expansion sets or if you order these labels individually in our products pages (see 4-Packs).

Client files are typically organized A-Z, by client name.  Be consistent if you choose first or last names.

You may print client names neatly onto hanging file tabs, or use interior files (or clear project files).  The advantage of using interior/project files is that you can quickly handwrite a name onto a label (e.g. a 1/3 FreedomFiler tan label) and place the handwritten label directly onto the project file or interior file. Then the interior file can be tucked inside one of a series of hanging folders which are labeled with generic headings A-Z, (file according to the client's name and use an A-Z spread that minimizes collisions).  When you create the A-Z spread of hanging file labels, one simple option is to use FreedomFiler "CONTACT" tabs for hanging files (1/5 size). However; to improve the usability of your client system, you may need to separate out active clients from inactive clients. To do so, use "ACTIVE" hanging file labels A-Z to store current client files inside.  Consider setting up a separate partition of inactive client files using "PERMANENT" labels (red), also an A-Z spread on hanging files. Client files can be manually transferred from the active A-Z partition to the inactive A-Z partition as needed.  Alternatively you can set up multiple partitions with EVEN/ODD year labels to achieve a two year automatic rotation, or 4 years etc...Any client file accessed from past years is re-filed into in the current year A-Z system.

In situations where an individual client file requires multiple sub-sections, you can use special hanging folders with subdivisions built-in. Or, you may simply set up multiple client folders with each of the subtopics labeled, always using the client name at the start of each label.

NOTE: Often client related papers consist of transactions (invoices/receipts etc.).  Paper invoices that are used to tally taxes should be filed in the FreedomFiler "TAX" section.  If your business uses multiple copies of invoices (e.g. traditionally white, yellow, and pink carbon paper copies), the white paper can be given to the customer. The yellow paper can be filed with the annual tax records by year, and the pink copy can be placed into the client file A-Z.  In this way, the invoice can be indexed by either the date or client name.

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