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Does FreedomFiler provide more than financial files? What about filing notes, literature, inspirational items, plus memorabilia and lists (e.g. groceries/errands)?

Most definitely yes!

A favorite feature of the FreedomFiler is our purple RESOURCE section which is a great way to keep articles notes, and back-burner projects. There are a few options to set up RESOURCE files we teach: you can set up common subject headings (already pre-printed in the kit) directly onto hanging file tabs (inspirational files and other files that make up your library of resource material) or you can use the A-Z spread also provided, then drop in project files (or true interior folders) that have spontaneous subject headings written on a stick on label (use ACTIVE tabs for projects).

Continually updated lists, such as shopping, birthdays, errands etc. are conveniently filed in REMOVE/REPLACE (orange) so your current list is always at your fingertips for updating/reference.

Memorabilia has numerous supported tabs that come pre-printed in all home filing kits. These files are PERMANENT (red) because they are vital history for you, or family and friends.

Note that the online demonstration explains only what FreedomFiler refers to as "core household administrative files", which doesn't show the vast amounts of additional labels available in all of the home filing kits.

The FreedomFiler universal color-coded framework addresses every filing challenge or situation. The colors can be applied to any field or subject because they do not rely on subject-based classifications. The colors correspond to a document’s function and useful life (i.e. the reason why you are keeping the document to begin with). The end result is highly accelerated filing and retrieval, with zero or next-to zero maintenance time.

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