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How FreedomFiler invented the self-purging filing system, eliminating paper clutter and the need for record retention schedules.Filing system and paper organization products from FreedomFiler help you file paper easily!Our free learning center shows you how-to file paper and set-up a filing system free of paper clutter.Sign in for discounts on orders, shipment tracking, and account balances.Get support for home filing and business filing, or download templates for printing filing categories.


My life before FreedomFiler was organized chaos, as opposed to total chaos. …I was left praying to the powers that be for a way to get things together and keep them that way...FreedomFiler has reduced my “worry quotient” by 10,000%! EVERYBODY should have FreedomFiler. Then we’d be free to have more fun together! My favorite parts are the “Monthly” sections and the section for the manuals that accompany appliances, DVD players, answering machines, cell phones etc. Give a date and I know where to find the info. Now I can fish out a manual and program anything
—Pam Stanton,
R.N. Nurse, Mother of Three,
Del Mar CA

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As a Professional Organizer, I'm a little embarrassed to say that it took me a while to take the time to find out what the Freedom Filer was all about. The reason was that I am so frequently approached by vendors who wish to interest me in their products, and rarely do I see anything (particularly when it comes to filing) that makes any real difference for my clients. Not so with the Freedom Filer! It covers every feature I was already implementing in the customized systems I created for clients, and much more. Like most really brilliant products, it inspires responses such as "Why didn't I think of that?" and "Why would anyone use anything else?". I didn't think my own filing system could be significantly improved, until I started using the Freedom Filer. The real payoff came when the New Year rolled around, and in 5 minutes I had all my filing updated and ready to go for the next year. The Freedom Filer truly sets a new industry standard in organizing products. I am so grateful to be able to introduce my clients to a tool that is really and truly going to make their lives easier!
—Elizabeth Corso,
Professional Organizer,
Escondido CA US

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Volunteer Programs
FreedomFiler's volunteer program is designed to help families in need, especially single parents and families in recovery. FreedomFiler knows that having in place an easy-to-operate household filing system can not only save time, stress, and money, but also transform a person’s confidence and dramatically boost overall self esteem.

Success At The Door Of Hope
Our first two volunteer programs have taken place at the Salvation Army's Door Of Hope in San Diego CA. The Door Of Hope has been in existence for over 60 years, helping homeless single mom’s by providing transitional housing and critical life skills training. One of the most practical life skills is the management of household paperwork. FreedomFiler's unique training program shows residents how to set up a self-purging filing system that will guarantee their filing success by dramatically simplifying routine filing, eliminating all tedious file maintenance, and making all household paper records instantly accessible. Our program has been met with great enthusiasm and gratitude from Door Of Hope residents and staff. FreedomFiler hopes to continue working with the Door Of Hope and other similar programs nationally.

Guest Speaking For Non-Profit Organizations
FreedomFiler delivers free presentations on paper-flow and time management to employees of non-profit organizations such as the American Lung Association in San Diego. You may contact FreedomFiler directly to arrange a presentation for your non-profit organization or you may contact one of our certified consultants located in your area.

Help Us Expand Our Program
We are currently growing our volunteer program with the help of FreedomFiler™ Certified Consultants around the United States. If you know of any non-profit organization that serves families in need that could benefit from our volunteer program, please contact us. Likewise, we encourage all of our certified consultants to participate in this program by working with local organizations.

Donate Supplies
If you or your business are able donate any unused hanging file folders, tabs, or filing crates and/or carts, please contact us. In particular FreedomFiler is looking for donations of letter size hanging file folders in usable condition (any color).

Request For Assistance From Retailers And Manufacturers
FreedomFiler is looking to involve more retailers and manufacturers who can provide either donations or at-cost pricing exclusively for recipients of our volunteer services. Families and single mothers are in need of filing supplies, in particular: hanging file folders, filing crates, and carts. If you are interested in participating in our expanding program, please contact us.

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